Frequency analysis challenge – a console-based game for R/python

Six months ago we’ve introduced ’The Proton’ – a console based R game with six data wrangling puzzles. Around 15-30 minutes of fun with data. The game is on CRAN in the package `BetaBit`.

And just few days ago we’ve added a second game – `frequon()`. Eight puzzles related with frequency analysis of encoded messages.

It’s much harder than `proton`.
Expect around two hours of playing with ciphers.
Try it yourself. To get the R version just type


You can also try the experimental python version.

pip install --upgrade

If you like these games and going to attend useR2016 (June, Stanford, USA) or eRum2016 (October, Poznań, Poland) feel free to ping me (Przemyslaw.Biecek).