Incredible Adventures of Beta and Bit

I am working on a project that introduces data-driven reasoning (and of course R) to secondary schools conveyed by the fictional adventures of two teenagers, Beta and Bit.

Beta is a level-headed girl who has a passion for maths, logic and the art of deduction.
Bit is a hot-headed hacker and self-educated robotic engineer.

The first story from the series, called Pietraszko’ Cave, is available at this website (in English, Polish and Russian).

In the series, in each story strange adventures introduce Beta and Bit to concepts like: randomness, probability distributions, correlation, linear regression, hypothesis testing or some tools used by data analysts (so called data scientists nowadays).

Download the free e-book in epub or mobi formats from this site. You may also just read the story on www. The story is available free of charge.

In order to access it you need to undergo authorisation procedure through Facebook.
What for?
Beta and Bit series will include stories and some simple probability/statistical games.
Moreover, the content of the stories will not be static! The plot of the story read by the readers logged into Facebook will be different according to their results in games.

Pietraszko’ Cave is the first story in the series. If you want to be informed about the next stories, leave your e-mail address at the website

Enjoy reading!

More stories coming soon!

4 thoughts on “Incredible Adventures of Beta and Bit”

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  2. Are there any solutions to the games?

    I have played both to completion, but my solutions are not very elegant, I’m wondering what improvements can be made.

    Thanks for making these by the way, really fun!

    All the best,


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