PISA 2012, occupations and the shiny app

OECD has just released a new PISA in Focus titled „Do parents’ occupations have an impact on student performance?”.

A shiny app is an add-on to this article, you can open it from this link:

The app allows for comparisons of average performance in mathematics/reading/science of 15-years old pupils in PISA study across different groups of parental occupations.
Are kids of Professionals ‘on average’ performing better than kids of other professions?

You can also compare countries or regions to check if spread of occupational averages is larger or smaller here or there.

The nice thing about this article and results is that they are created entirely in R (data, results and R codes are open).

R sources of this app are available on github: https://github.com/pbiecek/PISA2012lite/tree/master/ext/PisaInFocusOccupationsRegions

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